Latin American Blend

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Latin American blend coffee is a type of coffee that is made using coffee beans sourced from various countries in Latin America, such as Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica. Latin America is one of the largest coffee-producing regions in the world, and is known for producing high-quality Arabica coffee beans that are highly prized by coffee lovers.

Latin American blend coffee typically has a bright and vibrant flavor profile, with a medium body and moderate acidity. The flavor profile can vary depending on the specific coffee beans used in the blend, but common flavor notes include chocolate, caramel, nuts, and citrus.

Latin American blend coffee is often roasted to a medium or medium-dark roast level, which helps to balance the acidity and sweetness of the coffee. The roast level can vary depending on the desired flavor profile, with lighter roasts emphasizing the brighter, fruitier flavors of the coffee and darker roasts bringing out the deeper, more robust flavors.

Latin American blend coffee is a popular choice for coffee lovers who enjoy a smooth and balanced coffee flavor profile. It is often used as a base for coffee blends, as the unique flavor profile of Latin American coffee can help to balance out stronger or more intense coffee flavors from other regions.

Our Latin American Blend is a medium-dark roast of select Latin American coffees perfectly blended for full flavor, offering nutty hints with mild fruity tones and a gentle cocoa aftertaste. Shade grown in the Central American rain forests and in volcanic soil near the Amazon rain forest, these blended coffees make a rich, delicious cup. Environmentally friendly washed processing and full sun dried for up to 7 days.

Taste Notes: Fruits, Cocoa, Nutty hints

Roast: Medium/Dark