Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea coffee is a type of coffee that is grown on the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, which is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Papua New Guinea is known for producing high-quality Arabica coffee beans that have a unique and complex flavor profile.

Papua New Guinea coffee is typically grown at high altitudes, which helps to develop its distinctive flavor characteristics. The coffee is often shade-grown and hand-picked, which helps to ensure that only the highest quality beans are selected.

Papua New Guinea coffee is known for its full body, low acidity, and earthy flavor profile. It has notes of chocolate, nuts, and spice, as well as a subtle smoky flavor. The coffee is often used to make medium to dark roast coffee blends and is a popular choice for specialty coffee drinks.

Papua New Guinea coffee is also known for its sustainable farming practices, which help to protect the natural environment and support local communities. Many coffee farmers in Papua New Guinea use organic farming methods and participate in fair trade programs, which helps to ensure that they receive a fair price for their high-quality coffee beans.

Our Papua New Guinea coffee beans are grown in Volcanic Loam soil at an altitude of 1350m by Small agricultural cooperatives in Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea. It is then hand sorted, washed and naturally sun dried, creating a unique bold flavor.

Our Papua New Guinea coffee is a unique and flavorful coffee that is enjoyed by coffee lovers around the world. It is a great option for those who enjoy a full-bodied and complex coffee with a subtle smoky flavor.

Certification/Grading: A/X

Roast: Medium

Tasting Profile: Caramel, honey and fruit.

Grower: Small agricultural cooperatives in Chimbu.

Variety: Bourbon & Typica

Region: Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea

Altitude: 1350 M

Soil Type: Volcanic Loam

Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun.