Breakfast Blend

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Brazil Santos Coffee is a type of coffee that is grown in Brazil, which is one of the world's largest coffee-producing countries.

Santos refers to the port in Brazil where coffee has historically been shipped from, and the term "Brazil Santos" is used to describe high-quality coffee beans that are grown in various regions across the country.

Brazil Santos Coffee is typically made from 100% Arabica beans, which are grown at lower altitudes than some other coffee varieties, resulting in a milder flavor profile. The beans are usually medium to dark roasted to bring out their rich, nutty flavor and to balance their natural acidity.

The flavor of Brazil Santos Coffee is often described as having a smooth, sweet, and mild taste with low acidity, notes of chocolate, and a subtle nuttiness. It is a popular choice for those who prefer a milder coffee flavor, and it is often used as a base for coffee blends due to its versatility and balanced flavor.

Brazil Santos Coffee is a popular choice for drip coffee and French press, but it can also be used to make espresso-based drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos. It is also a relatively affordable coffee compared to some other specialty coffee varieties, making it a great choice for those who want to enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee.

Our Breakfast Blend is a lightly roasted blend of South American coffees that are perfect as an early sunrise roast.

Tasting notes include walnuts, mild apple, slight raisin and toffee. Environmentally friendly washed processing and sun dried. This coffee is both partial sun and full sun grown at high mountain elevations.

Taste Notes: Toffee, Walnut, Raisin

Roast: Light/Medium